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Physiological information provided by HannsWear wearable devices is to encourage users pay more attention to their health. The devices can measure your physiological indicators through various sensors, however, due to external factors such as wearing style and skin colour, the measurement is not completely accurate. It only provides data trends for reminders or reference purposes so the devices should not be regarded as a substitute to medical devices, and the information should not be used for medical use, nor can it be used for medical diagnosis, treatment, disease prevention, etc.

Wrist measurement

HannsWear wearable device is measured physiological information by Photoplethysmography(PPG). When the sensor’s light is irradiated into the skin, when the sensor light is irradiated into the skin, there will be differences in blood volume changes caused by blood flow, and the sensor receives the reflected light to detect the physiological data and convert the corresponding value for reference.

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