Inspired to spread healthy lifestyle and happiness, Hannspree Hanns.w set out to transform people’s lives with smart and fashionable wearable products. We believe that you can be happier when seeing your potential, your health and your confidence.


We are part of the HannStar Display Corporation, one of the largest glass panel manufacturers in the world, consequently the Hannspree brands benefit from a rich heritage and world-class technological process in display technology.

Started out in 2002, Hannspree is a brand of electronics featuring stylish appearance. With years of experience, we see the possibility of merging smart wearable products with beautiful and pleasing design. The pleasure of creating amazing wearable products and spreading happiness led us to embark on the new brand, Hannspree Hanns.w.


  • To enrich people’s lives with stylish and smart wearable products.

  • Empowering others to be healthy knowing your fitness record.

  • To spread the joy of beauty and convenience.


Meet Our Team



168,Xingshan Rd.,Neihu Dist.,

Taipei City 11469,Taiwan(R.O.C)

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