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Health and Activity in your hand

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Health status

With the LED light sensor technology, Hanns.w App show your blood pressure/ blood oxygen and heart rate history.

Presented results are not for medical purpose.

Seek health service provider for precise diagnosis.

Sleep monitor

We all know the importance of sleep.

Wear Hanns.w watch/band to sleep and wake up to see the quality of your good night sleep on App.

It may suggest a better sleep is needed.

Adjust your sleeping habit to leave drowsy morning behind.


Sleep better, Live healthier!

Work out & Goal

Feel the convenience of putting your work out result concisely on App.

Calories burned, Distance ran, Heart rate data, work out intensity analysis.

(only static measures for J smart band)

Set your steps goal and celebrate with auto vibration.

Watch face theme swap

For J/J+ series, it offers 3 different themes to swap as you like.


For Q/Z series, besides 2 themes you can design your watch face with picture in your phone.

Set up in the Hanns.w App to create your unique fashion!


Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up gracefully to the vibration on your watch instead of loud alarm?

Set the time on Hanns.w App to start the new way to waking up.

Mobile notification setting

Set what Apps you want to stay connected and what apps to go silent.

Only get notified about what you care more.

Hanns up and enjoy smart life today.


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