Q Smart


Colorful screen | Customizable watch face | Fashionable design | Activity tracker | Mobile alert

Heart monitor
Mobile alert
Music control
IP67 Waterproof
Customizable watch face
7-14 days
Battery life
Weather forecast
Sleep monitor

Personalize your style

Customizable watch face makes every minute special. Use Hanns.w app to set your favorite memory as watch face.

Your style, your call.

Monitor your stats

The latest sensor technology build in for a precise heart rate monitor (continuous tracking available through Hanns.w app) and pulse oximeter. Never lose track of your health status again.

Mark your progress

7 dedicated sports mode for you sports junkies to keep tabs on each session’s progress. Set daily goal in Hanns.w app to make sure you have enough steps in every single day.

Better your sleep

With advanced heart rate monitoring,

Q can help you track the quality of your sleep. Check the results in Hanns.w app to decipher how well did you rest and make equivalent changes in your daily routine.

Music control

Play, pause, and switch songs from your wrist. Enjoy your music hassle-free

Weather forecast

Take a peek at your wrist and you’ll know exactly what to wear

Camera remote

Use your Q as a dedicated camera remote. Frame it and snap!



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