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  • Where to download Hanns.w App?
    Hanns.w App can be downloaded on IOS and Android. Please simply scan the QR code in your manual or search “Hanns.w” to download the App.
  • What can Hanns.w App do?
    It can record your work out result, sleep quality, heart rate/blood pressure/blood oxygen history record, change your watch face, GPS routes record.
  • How to connect to my phone?
    Turn on Bluetooth on your phone and enter Hanns.w App. Select the middle watch icon at the bottom. You can see the connect icon on the top. Choose the matching products Should there are numerous products near you, Please long press the action button at home page of device to see serial number.(Example: C4:6B:79:36:F7:B8) You can find matching serial number in the connect page. When switching to other Hannspree Hanns.w Productsa, it is recommended to enter your Bluetooth setting on phone and forget device which is already paired with your phone before connecting to your new device.
  • What are the functions of Hannspree Hanns.w Products?
    Pedometer, Sleep quality monitor, Mobile alert, Heart rate/Blood pressure/Blood oxygen detection, Weather forecast, Calories record, Timer, Camera remote control, Music control, Alarm, Goal tracking, Call pick up/refuse,
  • How many languages does it support?
    English, Chinese simplified, Chinese Traditional, Japanese, Korean, German, French, Spanish, Arabic, Ukraine, Russian.
  • How long does it take for delivery?
    We are working on achieving better consumer experience. Currently as we are shipping from oversea, it may take 7-14 days to deliver. We thank you for your patience.
  • How to charge Hannspree Hanns.w Products?
    For J series: Please hold the wristband and pull outward. Tips: apply the force to the side, creating a gap before pulling. For Q, Z series: simply place magnetic charger on the back. The magnetic field will auto detect the correct direction. Insert the USB end to any charger with USB female end to start charging.
  • How long does the battery last?
    Depends on usage, generally the battery last 7 days while connected to Bluetooth. It could last 14 days when not connected.
  • What is IP67? Is it Waterproof?
    All our products are equipped with IP67 protection level. IP: International Protection. The first digit stands for level of particle protection. Level 6 is the highest number out of 0-6. It means the product is completely shielded from any size of particle. The second digit stands for level of waterproof. Level 7 means the product can withstand 1 meter under water for 30 mins without any leakage into the product.
  • How to wear products?
    To get better measurement. Please wear the product 1.5cm below your wrist bone.
  • How does the heart rate/blood pressure/blood oxygen measure?
    With the LED sensor technology, the product beam the LED green light. Your red blood cell density will affect the reflective light data. The processing chip will calculate collected data and present your health status.
  • What is Dynamic and Static heart rate?
    Static heart rate measure your heart rate in still. Dynamic heart rate measure your heart rate in still and exercising.
  • Can I change the watch dial with my picture on Q/Z series?
    Yes! To create your unique watch dial, besides 2 themes to swap, you can use your watch dial with pictures on your phone in Hanns.w App. Note: J series only support built-in themes swap.
  • Can I use the measuring result for medical purpose?
    No, the products are for reference purpose only. It can not be used as medical diagnostic device. Please contact your health service provider as soon as you find health issues.
  • When there are calls, why there is only icon and no number display?"
    1. Please enter Hanns.w App 2. Go to Notifications 3. Turn the “Phone” and other preferred App on. 4. Go to “Accessibility” link on top of page 5. Enter Hanns.w in “Downloaded service” 6. Turn the Accessibility on
  • Does the product come with warranty?
    Yes, to help you experience the best of Hannspree Hanns.w, it comes with 1 year warranty for manufacturer related defect.
  • How do I ask for return or replacement?
    Please contact your purchasing channel Amazon India for replacement request.
  • How to contact customer service?
    Welcome to contact us at for any query you might have.


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