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Your Health Assistant

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Your Health Assistant- S1 smartwatch

Your Health Assistant- S1 smartwatch

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Your health status on wrist

S1 applies the power of two technologies: A combination of ECG and PPG sensing techniques gives you more accurate data.


The built-in electrode slice provides an interface for ECG data collection and light sensor technology-PPG optical heart rate sensor) retrieves reflective green light from wrists.

Collected data is analyzed in an advanced chip and app before presenting results to you.

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24Hours Real time  Heart rate monitor

The built-in high-precision PPG optical heart rate sensor accurately measures your real-time heart rate, and the results will be recorded in-app in every 10 minutes.


Alerts you when your heart rate is too high or too low.


Safeguard your health at all times.*1


ECG detection

ECG records an electrocardiogram-also called an ECG or EKG, which represents the electrical pulses that make your heart beat.*1


How to check your ECG ?

1. Open the Hannscare App and choose ECG, click [Start testing].

2. Put your finger totally in touch with the side ECG metal point (sensing film), make sure the sensor is close to the wrist skin, and not leak green light.

Do not talk or move while detecting.

Recording an ECG typically takes 1-2 mins.


Blood Oxygen Level 

SpO2 Monitor

SpO2- Oxygen Saturation, is a measure of oxygen carried inside your blood cells. 

The body needs a certain level of oxygen in the blood or it will not be able to function properly.

A normal SpO2 levels should be about 95-100%.*1


When you start feeling unwell, you may test your SpO2 level, for a better understanding of your physical condition.

SpO2 monitoring during your daily activities, continuously tracking in every 10 minutes.

Alerts you when your SpO2 level is unusual.*1


24Hours Real time  

Blood pressure monitor

You can check your Blood pressure any location, any time!

Real-time blood pressure monitoring during your daily activities. Continuously tracking your blood pressure in every 10 minutes.*1


Sleep tracker  

Improve your SLEEP

Analyze your sleep quality, identify everyday sleep status: fall asleep, wake up, light sleep, deep sleep, wake up.


Record your






10 Sport modes

Outdoor Running / Outdoor Walk / Indoor Running / Indoor Walk / Hiking / Stair Machines / Outdoor Cycling / Indoor Cycling / Elliptical Machines / Rowing Machine


Achieve your goals!

Real-time display your exercise data such as heart rate, calories, steps, distance and pace.


Stay motivated! Achieve the goals you set for your sports goals!


Smart notification

You won’t miss all your important notifications, it just show up right on your watch, without taking out your phone.

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IP67 Water Resistance

Don’t worry! No need to take it off while washing your hands. 

IP67: Protected from total dust ingress and immersion in freshwater with a depth go up to 1 meter for 30mins.*2

Charging so easy!

So convenient!

With a Magnetic charging base, there have 2 way for charging:

Magnetic charging cable

Magnetic charging stand


Have fun! When charging with the magnetic charging stand, the light will be growing in night.


Where is my phone

If you misplace your phone, your smartwatch might be able to help you find it.

It will be ringing your phone to notice where is the location of your phone.

To use your smartwatch to find your phone, your phone must be:

  • Powered on.

  • Connected to your watch by Bluetooth.

  • Close enough that you can hear it.

* For the tracking feature to function, the smartwatch must be Bluetooth paired on your phone of you’re looking for. 




7 days Battery life!

Saving the trouble of daily charging.

Typical usage



100% charge in

Your Health Data at your fingertips

Sync and view your complete health data right on your phone.

You can also access and change settings as per your preferences on the app.

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Application: Hannscare


* This product is not a medical device. The test data and results are for reference only and cannot be used to diagnose or monitor any medical condition.

* This product is equipped with IP67 standard, however wearing this product during water sports and hot showers will cause malfunction.

* All images used are for illustrative purposes solely to demonstrate the functionality of the product and are not fully representative of the product itself.

* This product should not be regarded as a substitute for medical devices, and the information should not be used for medical use, nor can it be used for medical diagnosis, treatment, disease prevention, etc. For details, please refer

According to the laws of various countries, the functions of this product are not applicable to all countries.

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