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SmartBand J+

SmartBand J+

  • Know your health with a fitness tracker. Reveal Heart rate, Blood pressure, Blood Oxygen, and your workout result with Light Sensor technology.

  • In Sports Mode, celebrate your effort after work out! Know how far you ran, calories burned and your heart rate analysis on Hanns.w App.

  • Monitor and Analysis your sleep in scientific way, it helps improve your sleep quality!  By Hanns.w app, know your regularity of sleep, sleep duration, deep sleep ratio, the number of wake up and wake time and other factors to assess sleep quality.

  • No tangling wire! The USB charging port is on side of the band. Simply insert to any USB port for easy charging.

  • Smart Wrist assistant! Receive a mobile alert. Control music and take a selfie on your J smart band.


PS: The result this product show is for reference purpose only. Not for medical diagnosis purposes. Consult medical professionals for any inquiry or condition.





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