SmartBand J2

SmartBand J2

  • Tracking body temperature. Get alert when your body temperature rises above normal.

  • Daily Activity Tracking! Keep motivated on your routine. Track your daily steps, distance and calories burned.

  • Your Health assistant! Track your Heart rate, Blood pressure and Blood Oxygen and ECG Test.

  • Sleep monitoring. Adjust your habit for a night of better sleep with the help of the J2Smart band.  Sleep better, live healthier!

  • Easy for charge! Directly plug it in a USB port, without the need of any charging cable.

  • Supports sport modes such as Running , Cycling and Work out.

    Stay motivated! J2 Band will be your partner through it all.


PS: The result this product show is for reference purpose only. Not for medical diagnosis purposes. Consult medical professionals for any inquiry or condition.

Color: Black
  • Your Health Assistant! Body temperature / Heart rate / Blood pressure / Blood Oxygen / Sleep Monitor / sedentary reminder / in ONE.
  • Easy for charge! Directly plug it in a USB port, without the need of any charging cable.
  • Long lasting Battery Life. With a fully charged J2 band, you don't need recharge it daily.
  • Designed in Taiwan, The sleek design is out to spread Fashion and confidence under Hannspree Hanns.w. 


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