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Smartwatch S1

Smartwatch S1

  • Better care, Better understanding. Catch up your health in one watch! 

  • Your Health assistant! 24Hours Real time Heart rate monitor, Blood-oxygen Level SpO2 Monitor, Blood pressure and ECG detection.

  • Sleep tracker | Improve your SLEEP: Analyze your sleep quality, identify everyday sleep status.

  • Keep motivated on your routine. Record your daily steps, distance and calories burned.

  • Supports 10 sport modes such as Outdoor Running / Outdoor Walk / Indoor Running / Indoor Walk / Hiking / Stair Machines / Outdoor Cycling / Indoor Cycling / Elliptical Machines / Rowing Machine.

  • Achieve your goals! Real-time display your exercise data such as heart rate, calories, steps, distance and pace.

  • Smart notification: You won’t miss all your important notifications, it just show up right on your watch, without taking out your phone.

  • IP67 Water Resistance

  • Charging so easy! So convenient ! With Magnetic charging base, there have 2 way for charging: Magnetic charging cable Magnetic charging stand.

  • 7 days Battery life! Saving the trouble of daily charging.

PS: The result this product show is for reference purpose only. Not for medical diagnosis purposes. Consult medical professionals for any inquiry or condition.





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